Behind the scenes shoot prep for Herman Miller

Here is a little peek behind the curtain of how I played around with styling and art direction for an EAG chair photoshoot. It all started with an archived Eames photo. Ray and Charles were amazing at documenting every step of their work. It was a huge inspiration when working on the Herman Miller brand. A photoshoot like this would be primarily used for email assets, social media, and landing page assets.

American Eagle

Summer 2016, I worked on the American Eagle Campaign as well as working on concepting for the continued Fall/Winter campaign "We All Can". Starring rising actors, musicians, and bloggers with a positive message of I Can statements. It was great to see a major brand take on such a positive message with a massive OOH campaign.

Storyboard concepting for FW video

Storyboard concepting for FW video

Winter Necessities

I found the perfect hand lotion for these harsh winter months in NYC. It has the perfect balance of beauty, style and nourishment. The best part about this (aside from the blend of Mandarin rind, rosemary leaf, and cedar wood) is the packaging! 

Alize COCO out in the world

Alize COCO is a new Liqueur featuring exotic flavors. They want to inspire stylish women in their twenties who have a taste for luxury. They asked us to come up with a language and POS system that would speak to their new target. My Concept, Layers of Flavor was chosen. I then created the layout for all the pieces in our system. We even got to create a Box Truck! It's always so fun to see work in a new space. Work in collaboration with Studio Pratomo.